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my Virtual Sales Person™ Package Includes:

  • A my Virtual Sales Person™ for your home page
  • Up to 5 Min. of script to be spoken per page (recomended 1-2 min., added time is optional)
  • Assistance with mVSP script preparation
  • One half hour of green screen studio time with teleprompter (added time is optional)
  • All media, audio and video editing and formating
  • Submission of the mVSP HTML code to your website developer for easy placement on your website
  • Hosting of all my Virtual Sales Person™ streaming media to your site at one low fee.

Package Options: (Please check all that apply)

  • Additional site pages #:
  • Use of our mVSP actor / actress
  • Use of your own talent / actor / yourself
  • Text animated effects
  • Seasonal changes

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