How can this help my site or company?
Currently web sites just do not communicate or sell to your customers the same way a real person can. Web sites are static, boring and lets face it, who really wants to read a ton of text to find out what makes your company so great? With my Virtual Sales person™, a real person walks out on your web site and speaks directly to your sites visitors, to welcome them to your site, inform them of any specials you are running, even to educate them on what makes your  company so unique and why they should work with you.

Our webmaster says they don’t see anything particularly new here and they can do this for us. Is this more then just a video on a web page?
It is MUCH more then just a "a blocky video stuck on a page". If your web master thinks it is just a FLASH video, they are in for a big surprise. Have them try to green screen an actor and seamlessly layer them onto the web pages graphics, like we have done on our website and see what walls they run into! There is NOT a single software on the market that can create this effect. With our technology we can "seamlessly" layer the person OVER ANY SITE, ANY SIZE (even FULL screen), WITH NO DOWNLOAD TIME and NO SOFTWARE NEEDED to view! If you like the effect, see its value and want it for your site. Why pay more to have someone spin their wheels, when we can implement our packages for you at a far lower cost and turn time!

Can the Virtual host be any size or be anywhere on my web sites pages?
Yes! We can place the my Virtual Sales person™ anywhere you have an open space on your page. The Virtual Host can be any size or shape with in a standard 800x600 desktop resolution. We can even place the host in a pop up window, separate from your web site.

Click below on an example:
Example Placement

What if I do not already have a web site?
No problem! That’s what we primarily do. We are a full service web site design and development company. W5 Internet is our parent company and has been in business over 8 years developing all types of internet web sites. Please visit and fill out a NO obligation web site proposal form to get a quote on your new project. You can also browse our portfolio of past work to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Will this work on any computer?
Our technology requires no special software, plug ins or high speed connections!

I noticed on some computers the my Virtual Sales Person froze a few times and then started up again or the voice would get out of sync?
As with anything that is more dynamic then just plain text on a web site, it does require that the computer and connection are running at normal speed. Some computers can be bogged down from its long day of tasks and have what’s called, “low system resources” which just requires a reboot to be back to normal again. Another issue could be the connection. Some people think just because they pay for DSL or T1 or even larger bandwidth connections that they connect at those speeds all the time. In fact your connection could be slower then 56k dial up on DSL or T1 at times. These issues can cause the streaming of the mVSP file to stop and start at some times or loose sync with the audio and video. This issue can normally be solved by just restarting the computer or coming back to the site when your connection speed is back to normal. Try this speed test to see if your connecting at the speed you should be. (DSL should be at 1500mbps)
<<click here

Why on some of the example sites do some of the mVSP’s look clearer then others?
Since the development of our software, we have made several advancements with several new version releases to increase the over all quality and abilities our technology has. So you may be seeing some sites that were done with previous versions of our technology. Another factor to keep in mind too. If we film the person and REDUCE the size of the person, it will effect the focus or clarity of the person by some degree.

What if the user does not have sound or speakers on their computer?
No problem! As you can see below, we run an animated caption across the bottom of the browser of what the my Virtual Sales person™ is saying.

Will I have to re-design my entire web site?
That is up to you! We can integrate the my Virtual Sales person™ technology into your existing site or completely re-design your web site to a whole new updated look and feel.

Is this just FLASH?
Actually MacroMedia’s FLASH does not have the capabilities to create the mVSP effect. We developed the software and technology to create this effect on your site. However in order to have our technology play without any user plugin needed, we did output the file in the SWF FLASH format for compatibility.

Do I need to get special hosting or add anything to my existing hosting account in order to support this technology?
Not at all! Our technology streams from our servers right to your current web site and requires no special software, plug ins or high speed connections to work.

Can we use multiple actors or talent on one website?
Yes! We can use different people for different pages or even film two people for one page standing next to each other. We can also film one person and morph them into the next person to deliver a second message! Additional fee’s may apply.

Can I or one of my company spokespersons be on my site, instead of the my Virtual Sales Person™ supplied Actors? If so, what can I wear?
Of course! If you can come to our studio in Irvine, California, we can film you for the content we use for your site. Better yet, if you fly into John Wayne OC airport, we will even pick you up and bring you right to our studio! As for clothing. We suggest wearing light colors on dark web pages and dark colors on light web pages. So you really stand out. How ever, due to the green screen effect. DO NOT WEAR ANY GREEN colors.

Can I have my footage shot at a local studio and mail you the footage for production, instead of coming out to your studio?
Of course! If you can come to our studio in Irvine, California, we can film you for the content we use for your site. How ever if that is NOT convenient for you. You may book studio time with any studio having a floor to ceiling green screen and proper lighting and shooting capabilities. Then mail us a MiniDV or a DVD with ONLY the raw AVI clips you wish to have produced. How ever, please keep in mind we have fine tuned our studio to be able to precisely offer the my Virtual Sales Person technology, so upon shooting elsewhere we can NOT guarantee the footage will be usable or as high quality as what we provide with our entire package. Not too mention studios could have a high rate to shoot with them and most of our clients using frequent flyer mileage have been able to make a quick trip out here for far less hassle.

Can we use props or special uniforms/costumes?
Yes. As long as they fit in our studio or you supply the uniform/costume.

Do we write the script of what the actor says?
Only you know your business and what you want to tell your sites visitors or possible new clients. You submit your script and we offer our  expertise to help fine tune it into a marketing masterpiece! How ever, if you have no idea what to say. We can help out how ever you may need!

Are there any initial or yearly license or royalty fee’s involved?
No, Once you have paid the setup fee and or per page fee, the only other fee’s involved are the low monthly streaming/bandwidth fee’s of the media to your site. You see, If you were to stream such a HUGE video clip to each and every visitor to your site yourself, Your server could crash or cause your hosting/bandwidth fee’s to go through the roof! So to eliminate this issue, we stream the files directly to your site, completely transparent to your visitor! How ever, the mVSP file will have an embedded Royalty/License mouse over link to our web site. Which is standard for all streaming media or virtual tour technology available today. (Really no different then the car you’re driving around having the manufactures logo on the back.)

How long does this take to get online?
Depending upon our  work load, our normal turn time is only 2 to 5 days. Of course added time is required if you want every page of your site to have this technology.

OK, I have to have this! How much does it cost and how do I get started?
Just fill out the “Get Started Today” Online form and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you today with our current packages and pricing.

Do you offer an affiliate program for me to offer this technology to my clients?
Yes! for more information click below:
Affiliate Program