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my Virtual Sales Person Affiliate Program.

We offer several options for individualís or companyís like you to offer our my Virtual Sales Person technology to your clients, contacts or friends.

Option 1
Referral Program:
Simply tell a friend about our service and refer them to our site. If they purchase one of our packages, we send you a $100 referral fee.

Option 2
Account Representative:
We provide you with all the info and package pricing you need to go out and sell our packages as an independent sales associate. Commissions start at $250 and up.

Option 3
VP Account Representative with Mirror mVSP web site:
We provide you with all the info and package pricing you need to sell our packages and a duplicate of this web site loaded online with your own domain name which submits all leads directly to your email for follow up as an independent VP sales associate. Initial Investment of $250 to cover web site and account setup with commissions at $250 and up.

Option 4
Corporate Reseller:
Your company purchases our mVSP home page package for your own web site at cost and presents the mVSP technology as your own service to offer to your clients. We provide the mVSP packages to your company at wholesale of which you retail to your clients at what ever price point you decide. Your company handles all sales, billing and client contact.

You must sign up and be approved to take advantage of any of the above affiliate programs. Approval of affiliate is at the sole discretion of our company and we reserve the right to terminate the relationship at any time. All commissions paid in 30-60 days of client sign up.

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